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2396 Lorillard

2396 Lorillard Pl, Bronx, NY 10458, USA

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2421 Lorillard

2421 Lorillard Pl, Bronx, NY 10458, USA

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2457 Hoffman

2457 Hoffman St, Bronx, NY 10458, USA

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2467 Cambreleng

2467 Cambreleng Ave, Bronx, NY 10458, USA

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Available Rentals

Aisen Commons is developing fast and is looking to either acquire (multifamily, single family) or actively manage your properties.

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A convenient way to manage your accomodation with Aisen Commons is to use our state-of-the-Art Tenant portal :

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Upgraded Amenities
to Maximize Comfort

Spacious apartments

Study rooms

Custom rent

Designed for students to have individual leases

In building laundry

Trusted handyman

At a discounted rate

Roommate matching

Optional Maid

At a discounted rate

Fast and accessible app to pay rent

Keyless entry


​​Provide company for furniture rental in the responsibility of the tenant

Security systems

Smart TV

USB outlets

Premium appliances

Pet friendly

Aisen Commons Mission


Quality of Life

The Aisen Commons are student accommodations designed to provide students with the ultimate alternative to dormitory living, which offer the best quality, service, location, safety and affordability. We provide students with a higher quality of living by designing our apartments as a beautiful suite-style residence that blends modern comfort with incredible value. 

A Sustainable

We believe that it is essential to take care of the environment we live in as well as take care of our community, therefore we have partnered up with sustainable stores in the neighborhood in an effort to be “Fordham Friendly” which we will refer our tenants to and in return our tenants will receive discounts, as well we have implemented eco-friendly features into our commons.


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Aisen Commons buildings are ideal for students seeking the ultimate alternative to off-campus housing near major universities.